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Product Information
  • Lureimprover Original is an Angled Bowl-Shaped Disc of Silicone
    rubber with a Ball Bearing Swivel.
    It´s a fishing tackle from Sweden.
  • Lureimprover Original can be used for both casting and trolling and
    makes unique and attractive movements for almost all kinds of
    fishing lures and baits.

              Weight: 3.5 g
              Diameter: 30 mm (1.18 inch)
              Material: Silicone rubber
              Swivel: Ball Bearing Swivel
              Colour: Transparent
              Storing: Rinse with clean, fresh water after use and hang to dry.
Keep away from children.

Lureimprover Original
Tips - Leader Length

You can vary the length of the leader (the fishing line) between the lure
and Lureimprover Original.

  • A short leader makes quicker movements for Lureimprover Original
    and the fishing lure. A longer leader makes slower movements.
  • A leader length of 0.3 - 1 meter (1.0 - 3.3 feet) is recommended
    for almost all fishing lures and baits.

      Tafsens längd
Tips - Different Angles

You can slide the leader knot on the Swivel ring to create different angles
for Lureimprover Original. 

  • By increasing the angle the Lureimprover Original will make longer
    and slower movements.
Lureimprover & Trilene knot
Tips - Small Lures

Use an extra Swivel on the leader if you use small lures. This Swivel will prevent the lure swimming sideways and rotating.

Lekande på tafs
Tips - Trolling Spoons

Use an extra Swivel at the front Split ring when you fish with Trolling Spoons.

Lureimprover och trollingsked
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Bergshyddan Kumla 15
153 91 Järna

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Manufacturer of Lureimprover Original
since 2008. Copyright ©

You can get more detailed information from the Swedish site "Click here".
Just copy the Swedish text and translate it to your own language using Google Translate.

In this trolling video you can see how this fishing tackle from Sweden improve movements for fishing lures and baits. Lureimprover Original makes more action to your favourite fishing lures.